I have attended various events and conferences this year and the need to reshape our staffing structures and become more customer service oriented has been a common theme. In February, we conducted an organisational structure review which resulted in changes to our service delivery models and subsequent role realignment. In addition, we engaged all leaders within Care Options, from the CEO to the frontline supervisor, to create alignment between organisational goals and the type of culture required to practically deliver these goals in a sustainable way. Everyone within the organisation is now responsible for contributing to our culture with their individual behaviours and commitment to our core values of Respect, Integrity, Vibrancy and Excellence. The work that has been done for the culture of Care Options has been a critical factor in our organisational effectiveness, including safety performance and productivity.

To support the improvement in care and service provision we have achieved a record end of year financial position result. Together with the improvements in direct care provision, this has resulted in Care Options being in a stronger position to embrace future sector changes and will support our commitment to our Mission to support people to live and participate in their community.

I would like to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of all Care Options staff and volunteers without whom we would not be able to deliver such high value to our clients and the broader community.

Sheilah Cummins Chief Executive Officer