Running parallel with COG, the senior leadership team undertook a series of coaching sessions to create alignment of the preferred culture across our leadership to maximise their effectiveness as change agents.

To support the organisation to increase staff tenure and lower turnover, a new position was created to design and deliver people and organisational development strategies. The new Organisational Development Manager position acts as a liaison and advisor to the organisation’s executive and leads our workforce initiatives.

Care Options Brand Refresh

Care Options is entering a new marketplace, one where people can choose to use or not to use our services and one where organisations are actively marketing themselves to gain greater brand recognition. We identified a need for strong brand awareness to ensure future growth and therefore recognised a need to look at the brand and work out exactly what we stand for and what key pillars are the driving force behind the brand.

After consultation with staff, volunteers, clients, family and members of our community we sought to get a deeper understanding on the overall perception of Care Options. This helped us determine what is critical for our future. We wanted to reinvigorate the brand by building on existing strengths, clearly defining who we are and develop an optimal brand and marketing strategy.

What We Stand For Graphics

Financial/fleet operational efficiencies

Over the past financial year, the corporate services team conducted a review of the fleet management to determine its efficiencies. It was decided that a fresh approach was needed to streamline the administration of the fleet and in doing so, minimise the disruption to drivers.

This involved establishing a new fleet procurement process with Holden and changing management of our fleet to Summit Fleet. At the same time, new policies and processes have been developed to support these changes and provide a better experience (at the same or less cost) to our employees, particularly those who package a vehicle. These changes have been done with cost in mind as well as ensuring the Fleet is both modern and adheres to the highest safety standards.

ComCare & Transport Functionality

Care Options has been working hard over the last 12 months to implement different aspects of our client management system, ComCare, to assist in ensuring high quality services as well as efficiencies in the community.

The appointment of a new Executive Manager for Operational Excellence and a Business Analyst Project Manager means we now have positions dedicated to maintaining ComCare and implementing new features. Further developments in this tool, such as Route Optimisation and Visit Allocation and a new Home Care Packages module means will ensure we are well equipped to continue to move forward and achieve excellence with our client management system.

ITC Refresh

Following an audit in 2015, a number of risks and opportunities were identified with our systems and we’ve begun work on addressing those. After consideration, the approach we decided on is a comprehensive refresh of our underlying hardware and associated software. This includes revising our Microsoft products but not our key applications which were upgraded to best of breed only a few years ago.

A scoping process kicked off in January and requests for quotes put out to a number of vendors. Following an evaluation process of the tenders received, we decided to project manage the upgrade ourselves – utilising specialist 3rd party support where needed. The first stage of the project has now commenced and we anticipate a migration to Office 365 by November.

In the meantime, we have reshaped how the IT function supports the organisation and begun a number of improvement and risk management strategies.

Together these changes will position us to better support our increasingly mobile workforce and take advantage of new technologies and funding models as they arise.